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    this most likely wont be my only review as my opinion changes over time but if your not into reading long reviews
    tl:dr I love the cheat it just needs a few improvements

    Ok so i'm going from start to finish on the cheat starting in the legit options:

    legit aimbot: 7/10
    while the aimbot is very accurate and smooth not having toggle switches for silent on specific weapons makes legit play so much harder as pistol shotguns and autosnipers all look SUPER illegit other than that the aimbot is quick and effective

    legit esp: 10/10
    the esp does what it needs to do shows enemy's when they are visible giving you faster reactions

    legit bhop: 0/10
    there is no option for legit bhop which really sucks as i enjoy bhoping but i dont want to get a overwatch ban for it if you could add a humanized bhop feature i would love you forever

    this is about all i can cover for legit so swiftly moving on to rage:

    Rage aimbot: 9/10
    deadly accurate up close and at range with multipoint returning rage has never been more fun
    only reason i cant rate it 10/10 is because its nospread is lacking but nospread is boring anyways

    Antiaim: 10/10
    if i could marry ev0lves antiaim i would all angles are safe in MM and for nospread you can just turn off anti-untrusted and pop on lisp for ever better AA truly one of the best antiaims ive used

    fakelag/misc hvh: 10/10
    what can i say it gets its job done, the resolver is amazing the fakelag works great fov changer helps a ton 10/10 all the way

    rage ESP: 9/10
    the no far esp update sucks we all know it
    ev0lve still has great esp range though!

    and now we move to the misc settings:

    skinchanger: 9.9/10
    amazing skin changer, the newest update made it much easier to use i love it, only gripe and why its 9.9 and not 10 is because we dont have glove changer yet but its ok im sure imi will get to it eventually :)

    random misc options: 10/10
    this is for the random little additions here and there that make this cheat what it is and i really enjoy the type of stuff that imi adds

    finally we move to the most important part of this cheat community and security:

    security: 9/10
    a salty kid sending the loader to valve isn't anything to worry about ev0lve is back and better than ever

    userbase/community: 10/10
    the community of ev0lve is the best one out of all cheating community's ive been in
    its always fun to talk in chatbox about the idiocy that is presale or just about anything else

    overall: 9/10
    amazing cheat

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