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Discussion in 'Testimonial' started by unfoxable, Jan 2, 2017.

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    Oct 27, 2016
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    This is my testimonial for ev0lve v0rtex.

    Legitbot: 10/10 - The aimbot is very good, with the right settings you will never get called out for hacking. It is also good that you can customize the aimbot for pistols, automatics, snipers etc. Some people would prefer to customize each weapons aimbot but to be honest this is just fine if you want to make a quick and easy config.

    Ragebot: 9/10 - The ragebot is good, although i heard the older version of ev0lve's ragebot was alot better. Some members have told me it is just because we are in beta of v0rtex and it will be improved and hopefully better than last versions. All features seem to be working fine except for the Auto Scope but thats not a big problem and i know that will be fixed quite quickly.

    Triggerbot: 10/10 - All the settings in the triggerbot tab is perfect theres nothing more you could really ask for to be honest

    Visuals: 7/10 - Visuals are all perfect i love the Streammode option would seem to help alot of people who would like to stream while 1tapping. All the other features are perfect. Only downside to it all is i lose quite abit of FPS not sure if its the visuals or what i even enable the FPS boost etc i turn ESP off completely but my FPS is still quite low and no one has seemed to fix it. Its a solid cheat so a FPS drop isn't going to scare me away.

    Misc: 8/10 - Misc is the best tab of them all, You can enable Anti-Untrusted to make sure you dont get the untrusted ban, and there is also Anti-FaceIT to bypass FaceIT AC, although i dont think there is a bypass for the new FaceIT client at the moment. The Auto Accept feature is really nice where you can just afk in a lobby and it automatically accepts for you. The Auto Strafe isn't that good but it does the job i guess so i'd give that 6/10, No Recoil and No Spread is good and will help you fuck people up in HvH's, Reveal Ranks helps alot so you dont have to look on ESP to see the players rank, Bunnyhop works perfectly 10/10, Chatspam works but you get kicked from the game sometimes 7/10, Anti-Aim does the job and will help alot in HvH's, Fakelag is great, Airstuck is good but it would be better if you could just press the key instead of hold otherthan that it's great, FOV Changer is great i love using it 10/10, Haven't used Circlestrafe so can't review it. Playerlist doesn't seem to work at the moment, not a big problem. Spectatorlist is amazing 10/10. Namehide is amazing and funny to use in game and Namesteal is also great.

    Skinchanger: 10/10 - The Skinchanger is perfect works great, I always love using it.

    Security: 10/10 - Security seems to be pretty good, Only 1 or 2 detections which is alot better than most other p2c's.

    I would definitely recommend this cheat to other players 9/10 altogether i think its the best cheat i've ever had to be honest and i've had quite alot. I will definitely be a returning customer aswell!
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    Thanks - added your 3 days
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